E R Owen Family

This blog is dedicated to the Evan R. and Lizzie Benson Owen family and to all their posterity. We hope you enjoy the postings and we hope it will bring us all closer together. Evan & Lizzie had eight children, Alta, Cyril, Grettle, Evan, Luella, Lucille, Ezra, and Fred.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Wellsville Tabernacle

As most of you know Grandfather Owen was the bishop in Wellsville when the tabernacle was built. It was dedicated the summer of 1908. Evan R. Owen was ordain bishop 30 April 1900. So 100 years ago now the tabernacle was being built and Grandfather was the bishop. In this picture grandfather is on the left.


Grettle Haglund came across a few entries from Lizzie Benson Owen's journal, we share them with you here. The year was 1930 that would have made Grandmother Owen 61. You can figure out everyone else's age.....
Lizzie Benson Owen -- Diary 1930

Happy New Year greetings; hope the year is full of good things for all of us. That we may be able to overcome many of our faults, do more good than last year, help to make the world better.

January 2 - Felt real fine, had all work done by noon. Father went to Ogden to a meeting. Home at three. All here for supper. Lucile and Elma Lou were over here. Harry was away. Father, Ezra & Fred went to the boxing bout. Luella & I went to the show.

Jan 7th - The weather is very much colder--not much snow. My counselors & I went to 5th Ward meeting. A very good crowd out & splendid spirit, a very good meeting, some wonderful testimonies borne. Lucile & baby came over for a while, baby in her house slippers & bath robe. so smart. Luella went to Moroni Olsen play. Ezra was in Tremonton. Father, Fred & I went to bed early.

Jan 9 Spent most of the morning at the phone--Relief Society work. Took care of Elma Lu all day-she sure is a happy little treasure. Father, Luella & I had a pleasant evening home after our stake meeting.

Monday, Jan 27 - (In Salt Lake) Met Father at six - ate with him and we went to see John Baramore (Barrymore) - All talkie in “Colonel Jack, quite enjoyed it.

Monday, Mar 3 - Went down town-done some shoping-bought drapes for kitchen and upstair rooms. Lucile & Elma Lu came over. Father and Ezra went to Montperier to Mr. Calipriest’s funeral. I took Luella, Grettle & Lucile to the Bluebird for a treat; we had quite a lot of fun. They surely are three lovely qirls. I love to get out with them.
They enjoy it too.

Friday, Mar 14 - Done the work-prep dinner then done some on my drapes will finish them tomorrow. Grettle & boys came up in the evening-Lucile came over. Think I will retire early I have a game neck & it makes me feel punk. Am so thankful to be able to do my work & I am happy to do it; I fly off the handle sometimes, but they would not know I was here if I dident.

Friday, April 4 - Sr. Smith & I were up before 7 A.M. dressed, ate breakfast & went to R.S. meeting at 9 A.M. Dinner at noon & meeting at 2 P.M. Sr. Smith went to a show with Sr. Cardon. I syled [styled?] up in my black dress & Spanish (beautiful) shall [shawl]. Went to the Relief Society Banquet in the Hotel Utah; it was a very pleasant evening. Met Sr. Smith in the lobby. We visited a while, called it a day and retired.

Tuesday June 3 - Harry came over to tell me Lucile was not well; things went slowly until Dr S.M. Budge came at 1:20 & at 10 to 3 our baby girl came, every thing fine. I was caught as nurse.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Welcome Family

Welcome to the ER Owen Family blog.
The purpose of this BLOG is to share and disseminate as much information as we can about our grandparents. Many of the grandchildren knew Grandpa Evan and Grandmother Lizzie well. Some of us were born after their death or were so young we have no recollection of them. Be that as it may let us let them live on through all of us by sharing with one another and keeping our family connected.

Evan and Lizzie spent much of their married life in Wellsville Utah at the south end of Cache Valley, at the mouth of Sardine Canyon. Family records indicate all eight of their children were born in Wellsville. Evan was born 14 June 1867 in Wellsville; Lizzie Benson was born 9 July 1869 in Logan. They were married 24 Dec 1890 in the Logan Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Evan died 25 Jan 1934 in Logan. Lizzie died 1 Aug 1946 in Brigham City, Utah. This picture is of their home in Wellsville it is kitty-corner from the Wellsville Tabernacle. Many if not all of the children were born in their home. We look forward to postings on the blog from many of you.